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Welcome to SexBackInMarriage.com

Are you married?

Does your sex life feel non-existent?

You’ve come to a safe place of support, healing, and ideas.   It is time to put the sex back into your marriage.

Our Goal is a simple one: 

Help you have the freedom of a healthy sexual relationship in marriage. I know the hurt and the pain, the fear and loneliness but I also know there is hope for you and your spouse. Read daily the blogs to get through today, browse the shopping section for some gifts to spark your marriage. We want you to stay proactive and not lose hope.

How to use this site?
The best place to start is in our articles (blog). Browse through them and depending how your feel today read something that speaks to you. Do you feel the need for hope? Read " Never give up on marriage." Do you feel your spouse is deeply broken because they want sex every day? Read " Something broken in him or her." Talk to us contact us and tell us your story don't feel alone anymore.

" We are here to help, you are never alone"

Make the bedroom fun again!


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